Audi A4 a model of techno efficiency

UPGRADED MODEL: Audi A4 now features Matrix LED headlights.

SLEEKER, more efficient, greater performance and the latest infotainment technology are just some of the boasts made by Audi on their upgraded Audi A4 model.

Spanish drivers love their efficiency, and as far as efficiency is concerned, the Audi A4 claims top ratings with a best-in-class coefficient of just 0.23 and yet with less weight, as much as 120kg less than the previous model.

The company point out that this remarkable achievement is due to the economical fourcylinder power units and the high-torque sixcylinder engines which deliver up to 200 kW (272 hp).

It is also down to the new innovation of a combustion process which has created a high-efficiency 2.0 TFSI ultra developing 140 kW (190hp) based on the rightsizing principle, a principle which aims to create the perfect conditions based on all aspects of the car’s different features, such as output, torque and efficiency.

Other new features include Matrix LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, Stop & Go including traffic jam assistance, Audi virtual cockpit and the prestigious Bang & Olufsen 3D Sound System.

Of course, there is a price for such top quality features and prices start at €30,650 for the Audi A4 sedan and an extra €1,850 for the Avant.


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