280,000 Andalucians to benefit from new job scheme

Flickr by La Moncloa
Fatima Bañez, Minister for Employment and Social Security.

A NEW work orientation scheme announced on Friday (August 21) will see the Spanish government spending €110 million in Andalucia to benefit an estimated 280,000 jobless people.
Fatima Bañez, Minister for Employment and Social Security, announced the scheme in Sevilla, and explained that it would be aimed at people aged between 30 and 55 who had been out of work for a long time and would be launched in 2016.
The figure allotted to Andalucia, the minister explained, was 22 per cent of the total budget for the scheme for all the Spanish regions as the government was concerned at the high unemployment rates in the southern region and intends to work harder to even out the differences between local and national rates.


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