Torrevieja premiers mobile crime unit

OFIPOL: Officers have been available to show people how the unit works.

A DEMONSTRATION has been given of the mobile police unit located in Torrevieja’s Paseo Vistalegre.

The OFIPOL office offers citizens immediate and direct access to the Guardia Civil and is also a safe space for people, offering an immediate point of physical protection for victims of theft or assault.

Users interact with Guardia Civil officer in real time via video conferencing facilities and it is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It allows the public to report a crime without actually having to travel to the police headquarters.


It is also adapted to allow for wheelchair users and can be used by blind and deaf people.

This week, officers have been on call in the vicinity of the OFIPOL office to provide support and assistance to residents and holidaymakers during its use.



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