More single women signing up for IVF

GOING IT ALONE: Single women are turning to IVF.

AN increasing number of single women are turning to IVF to have a baby.

The number of women without a partner wanting fertility treatment has more than tripled in less than a decade with experts putting the rise down to women putting their career first and then choosing to have a child on their own before it’s too late.

An increased acceptance of both single-parent families and IVF in general is also thought to have played a part.

In 2006, the number of single women with no partners registered at UK IVF clinics was 292.

In 2013 it was 952.

Fertility starts to decline in women from the age of 31 and by the age of 35 the decline is ‘significant’ prompting more women to have treatment, even if they have not yet found ‘the one’ and want to enter parenthood alone.


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