Torrevieja hosts workshops for expectant parents

Thomas Pompernigg, Flickr
ADVICE: Workshops can advise on best forms of exercise during each stage of pregnancy.

OVER 100 mothers, fathers and companions have taken part in birth support workshops organised by a team of midwives at Torrevieja Hospital over the summer.

The objective of this initiative is to provide guidelines for assisting women during the pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period, and help partners to feel an active part of labour and to be of help and support during that time.

The latest session recently took place in the hospital with the day-long session including a theoretical element and a practical session with the most suitable positions for childbirth, massages and use of balls and mats.


Participants were invited to share their experiences and ask questions of the professionals.

The hospital continually offers courses and workshops throughout the year to help expectant mothers and to break down any barriers and concerns they may have. All activities can be viewed via the website

Workshops and seminars on breastfeeding, infant massage courses and exercise and yoga during pregnancy are some of the other activities available as the nursing team also invite pregnant women to view the facilities and delivery rooms at the hospital so they know what to expect. Comprehensive Care for Women manager, Noelia Rodriguez, stressed the importance of these activities “to help relieve stress and apprehension during the day of delivery to help make it a magical time.”



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