Spanish beaches in danger of disappearing

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WORLDWIDE nature charity WWF has launched a campaign coinciding with August, Spain’s classic beach holiday month, to ask people to petition the government to do something about global warming before beaches disappear.

The effects of global warming are not something far away and intangible but in fact are a close and distinct problem, the WWF has stressed, and unless something is done about greenhouse effect gas emissions the Spanish coasts will be particularly harshly affected by the impact of climate change.

The Ni Un Grado Mas (not a single degree higher) campaign reminds that scientists have predicted sea levels will rise six centimetres and Spanish beaches will shrink by between one and three metres by 2040, and asks people to petition the government for a 100 per cent renewable energy policy.


The United Nations Climatic Change Experts Group calculates that if measures are not taken and countries continue to emit gases at the same rate, sea levels could rise by up to 59 centimetres by the end of this century. This would seriously endanger ecosystems and coastal populations, the WWF said.


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