Racing ahead with the special BMW Concept M4 GTS

Pic credit: BMW Group
NEW BMW: Concept M4 GTS.

A NEW high-performance model has been unveiled by BMW’s M Division that promises race track power combined with every day reliability.

BMW’s special models such as the BMW M3 range have focused not just on efficiency but on technology that allows drivers to power up their drive, on or off the race track.

The new BMW Concept M4 GTS is conceived on the race track but is actually road legal and features new technologies that will be released in mass production models in the future.


Making its debut at Monterey Car Week in California, the special designed model is limited in terms of the numbers produced but shows off what is possible on the road with the latest technology, giving us a glimpse of where the automobile industry will be taking us in the near future.

One such innovation is the water injection system that increases output and torque but ensures the turbocharged engine’s stability as well as the carbon fibre reinforced plastic bonnet, which lowers the car’s centre of gravity.

Another is the rear lights OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes) technology which are more effective than LEDs in lighting up the way ahead, illuminating the full surface rather than just a single point.

The metallic grey exterior and wheels in alloy and acid orange complete the model’s futuristic vision of the road ahead.



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