Driver shot by police in Alicante car chase

Flickr by Contando Estrelas
POLICIA NACIONAL: Typical van used by the force

THE driver of an allegedly stolen car was shot in Alicante City during a National Police pursuit.

Driving in the wrong direction along a one-way street he refused to halt on being flagged down after a 15-minute pursuit. A Moors and Christians procession was only 50 metres away and an officer signalled the driver to stop in order to prevent a serious accident.

Instead he tried to run him down and attempted to drive off in the opposite direction and it was at this point that the officer, who had sidestepped the car, fired two shots. One went through the windscreen, grazing the shoulder of the driver who, on seeing that he was bleeding, finally stopped.

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He was taken to Alicante’s Hospital General and pronounced to be in no danger from a flesh wound.

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