Canary Island El Hierro generates four hours of ‘green’ electricity


THE smallest of the Canary Islands, El Hierro, has actually managed to generate enough electricity through its Gorona del Viento wind-hydro power station to cover all electrical needs for four hours.

This is the first time that a successful power station has been run on combined wind and hydro power. After the wind farm generates enough energy to satisfy the island’s power requirements, any excess is diverted to the station’s pumps, which raise water 700 metres so that when there is insufficient wind, the water is pushed back down into the reservoir below and the turbines produce additional power.

This has been a long process and has cost €82 million, but as the regional government and the island’s inhabitants have been spending millions of euros each year on diesel, the long-term savings could be significant.


As reported elsewhere by Euro Weekly News, the World Wide Fund for Nature has warned Spain about its need to control its greenhouse gas emissions in order to protect the coastline and this small step forward supports the overall Spanish position.


  1. Actually, this is incorrect. Recent reports from El Hierro reveal that the new energy system is producing 100 per cent of the island’s energy needs, not just four hours as reported here. It has just completed one year of successful operation.

  2. Thank you for the comment. According to the information that I had received, although the power station went on line in 2014 and has been generating some electricity through the wind-hydro system, it was only on August 9 this year that it managed to supply the entire energy requirement for that four hour period.

    There is certainly a great deal for the management and people of the Island to be proud of and long term savings in cost cost and climate control should be significant


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