British pride delivers a message

PRIDE: Remembering those who have fallen for freedom.

I sincerely hope our enemies took careful note of the glory and power of our VJ Day celebrations this week.

Let us also hope that the British demonstrations of remembrance and pride toward those who suffered and died to allow us to remain in democratic freedom, delivered a strong message to the primitive extremists who believe they can, with acts of cowardice and terror, overcome the resolve of our Western beliefs and faith.

Take heed all of you. For all your messages of hate, your willingness to give up your earthly existence for some mystical Shangri-La, your notion that oppression and violence are the paths to travel on this earth, and your dangerous misconception that one day, all who exist on this planet will follow your misguided philosophies, I suggest you think again.

When all the death, destruction and misery you can deliver is at an end, when your evil regime lies rotting in the tattered remnants of its own beliefs, the future veterans of the West will once again gather together to remember with pride those who fought and died to destroy our enemies, and you and your bunch of savages will have joined the list.

The list of all those who were misguidedly led to believe that our love of peace and democracy is a western weakness; your egotistic naivety will be your downfall. It is Christian strength that has survived pretty much intact for over 2,000 years. Most of us who follow it are in awe of death and love our lives. That makes us far more dangerous than those who hate this earthly journey and lay out a welcome mat to some mystical afterlife fallacy filled with virgins.

Have no fear, your evil actions will never be forgotten. When the future veterans of the war on terror gather to remember those who died fighting to stamp out your despicable regime, none of you will be there to witness it. There will actually be so many of your followers in Shangri-La the virgin supply will have ground to halt long since.

God bless our heroes!

Keep the faith
Love Leapy  [email protected]


  1. Jonathon I feel sorry for you. Leapy is telling how it is and you do not seem to have the intelligence to understand that.
    With all the news pictures of the horrendous atrocities people like Islamic State have committed you would condemn someone who writes against them? You are unbelievable!
    Perhaps you would be happy if the whole world were to come under the heel of Muslims like Islamic State and Boko Haram or al Shebab, and live under the tyranny of Islamic Sharia Law which is barbaric!
    Would you like to see public hangings, crucifictions and beheadings in the town square?
    If you do then I suggest you move to Iraq or Syria and live with them!

  2. HI leapy
    I certainly haven’t agreed with all of your comments and articles. However they have always been entertaining, so well done!
    I have to say that on this occasion you have absolutely nailed it.

  3. Whoah there, old boy! I thought you were the great respecter of people’s right to their opinions. You have gone straight into an insulting, aggressive rant based on nothing. What do you know about my opinions on ISIS, terrorism etc? I have not expressed them. Personally I believe that Mr. Graham will say anything offensive or outrageous to get attention for himself.


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