Stricter rules for the Palma Beach area

Flickr, Kačka a Ondra

PALMA City Hall has announced that it will increase control on alcohol sales in the Palma Beach area in an attempt to stop tourists binge drinking.

The acting mayor, Antoni Noguera, met with residents to hear their complaints and promised that the Citizen Safety department will increase the specific training of officers working in the area who will control alcohol sales, opening licences and times and the use of public areas for terraces.

Meanwhile, there are plans to reorganise the Local Police force to increase their presence in Palma Beach by pulling officers from other areas. Noguera also confirmed plans to continue working with the Guardia Civil to pursue muggings and pickpocketing.

Just last week, National Police carried out an operation against Nigerian prostitutes in the streets nearest the beach and with the highest presence of tourists. Around 50 officers took part in the raid during which 15 prostitutes were identified. Similar operations will be carried out each week until the end of the summer.


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