Spanish police foil Magaluf gang who swindled Brits on holiday

© Xnop11 – Wikimedia Commons

TWENTY members of a gang who swindled British tourists holidaying in Magaluf have been arrested by Spanish police.

The fraudsters stole credit card numbers of inebriated tourists from Britain and Scandinavia who visited hostess bars in the resort and either took the card code or copied the card altogether, according to the Ministry of the Interior. 

Gang members were able to commit the fraud when customers were drunk, taking advantage of their state by charging high amounts or tricking them into giving away their security code. Tourists lost more than €45,000 in this way although police say the actual amount is likely to be higher since many of the victims did not make a formal complaint.

 A total of four men and 16 women were arrested by police who also raided four hostess bars on the island, including two which were owned by the gang´s suspected leader. 


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