Rincon de la Victoria pool and park projects on shaky ground

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It would appear that Rincon de la Victoria Council has got cold feet over two important projects launched by the former governing team.

The four-way coalition in charge of the current local council has put the La Comarca park and the indoor swimmingpool projects on hold while a comprehensive feasibility study is carried out.

The two major projects were designed by the former governing team controlled by the Partido Popular (PP) conservative party.

The projects had sparked a great deal of expectation and controversy as they represented a massive public investment.

Town Mayor Encarnacion Anaya told Spanish daily SUR the council was facing a staggering €73.4 million debt, and had been forced to reconsider these projects.

Last May, former Mayor Francisco Salado went as far as laying the foundation stone for the pool and said the facilities would cost €3.8 million.

The controversial park La Comarca, inspired by the universe created by Tolkien, was expected to be constructed on an 80,000-hectare site in Torre de Benagalbon.

“Once the study is done we will decide whether or not the projects will go ahead as they represent a huge investment,” Mayor Anaya said.


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