Jellyfish campaign hits Mijas shores

Flickr, Gala Medina

JELLYFISH are a frequent threat to holidaymakers on Mijas beaches so the Lifeguards Brigade initiated a preventative campaign on August 18 and 19 to educate visitors on the dangers and gave out information leaflets on what to do should they encounter the creatures in the water.

The leaflets also point out the different kinds of jellyfish that are prevalent here, which are the most dangerous and what conditions attract them to the shore, such as warmer sea temperatures.

In the event that one is bitten, the brigade advise people to contact a lifeguard as soon as possible who can then take steps to alleviate the pain using a solution of salt water and vinegar and can try to identify which kind of jellyfish has stung the victim.

The jellyfish campaign is part of the summer preventative campaign designed to warn tourists of dangers on the coast and two more such events are planned before the end of August, one will focus on accidents at the beach and the other on knowledge about the Mijas coast in general.


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