International drug traffickers arrested in Alicante and Murcia

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AN international drug trafficking gang has been broken up with arrests made mainly in the provinces of Alicante and Murcia.

National Police officers have arrested 29 people accused of being part of a criminal group which was engaged in the acquisition, sale and distribution of large consignments of drugs, especially speed, ecstasy, marihuana and hashish, which together with other effects, were confiscated following 15 house searches; 13 of them in Spain and two in Denmark.

Of those arrested, 27 were in Spain and two in Denmark, with various nationalities including Spanish, British, Dutch, Danish, Irish and Austrian.


The investigation began in October 2014, when officers were able to identify in Alicante a group in charge of finding suppliers of narcotics, which in turn served as an intermediary with buyers of illegal transactions.

After several months of research, one of the distributors of the organisation was stopped in Benidorm, allowing new avenues of action to open up that led officers to several towns in the province of Murcia (Los Alcázares and Pilar de la Horadada) and Alicante (Javea), where four other arrests were made.

More arrests were then made in La Nucia, Daya Nueva, Benidorm and Elche.

In mid-July a further six people were arrested and in the 13 searches carried out in Spain, police intervened and recovered 36,700 grams of speed, 2,205 ecstasy pills, 224,534g of dried marihuana buds vacuum packaged, 170,530g of hashish pollen (1,492 tablets) and 3,115g of hashish.

Agents also confiscated four shotguns, a dummy gun, a BB gun, a rifle, a revolver, a large amount of ammunition, six cars, two vans, one electric weapon and €166,490 in cash.


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