First arrest for British police in the Balearic Islands

JanManu – Wikimedia Commons
San Antonio, Ibiza

AFTER enduring much media criticism for their presence and alleged antics in Magaluf, Mallorca, British police officers sent from the UK have assisted in their first arrest after being transferred to Ibiza. A British holidaymaker who was attacked by her partner in the street was comforted and aided by Sergeant Brett Williams and PC Martina Anderson who were accompanying Guardia Civil officers.

According to witnesses, the woman was punched and kicked by her partner and left on the ground in Avenida Doctor Fleming in San Antonio during daylight hours.

Guardia Civil praised the British officers, saying that they helped calm the victim down and encouraged her to talk about what happened. Her partner was taken into custody and later spent the night in cells and was to appear in court shortly afterwards. However, according to sources, the woman did not press charges and the man was expected to be released without charge.

The presence of British police in the Balearic Islands has drawn criticism from the media and public, particularly when the pair were photographed swimming in the sea and taking selfies with tourists. There was further controversy when Facebook comments, apparently posted by PC Anderson, were published by a British tabloid on August 14, and seemed to imply that she was getting drunk in the notorious resort of Magaluf.


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