Association assists victims of violence


A NEW report on gender violence has revealed that five women report their partners or ex-partners in Almeria Province every day.

Yet far too many women are too scared to report violence, the Andalucian Women’s Institution (IAM) complains, stressing that of three women who tragically died at the hands of their partners or exes last year two had never reported their killers.

Yet IAM says reporting abuse and violence is the only way out, and works to support victims and encourage them. An average of 36 women per day, 6,173 so far this year, receive support and advice from the association’s municipal women’s information centres in in towns and villages and working closely with local councils.

There is also a telephone service for women, which dealt with 4,510 calls regarding gender violence during the first half of the year.

Calls to the helpline (900 200 999) are free anonymous and can provide victims with general information, legal advice and support in 51 languages.


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