Palma barber stabs bus driver with scissors

© By Paucabot, Wikimedia Commons

A BARBER, 70, was arrested in Palma for allegedly stabbing a bus driver with a pair of scissors. 

The number 25 bus stopped in Calle Trasime and the driver reportedly sounded the horn because there was a car parked in the bus stop. The owner of the car allegedly began to argue with the bus driver, entered his barber shop, grabbed some scissors and stabbed the bus driver in the chest. The driver was taken to Son Espases Hospital while National and Local Police searched the area for the attacker.

He admitted he had been parked illegally but said the bus driver had insulted and punched him, and that he defended himself by stabbing him with a pair of glasses. 

Witnesses said they did not see the driver punching the man and confirm that he was stabbed with an object they were unable to see. He was charged with attempted manslaughter. 


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