Flocks of residents leaving Malaga


Traditionally, Malaga has been a province known for its talent to attract new residents thanks to its dynamic labour market and bright future prospects. 

However, with the arrival of the financial crisis, the landscape changed dramatically. The negative financial circumstances caused unemployment rates to rocket and Malaga saw a massive exodus of residents going abroad to enter the labour market. 

Taking this into account, it is not surprising that from 2000 to 2014, the number of residents moving out of Malaga increased by a staggering 200 per cent.

Fourteen years ago, emigration reached a total number of 26,743 residents, while in 2014, the number had grown to 65,042; that is, threefold. 

The data has been released by the Statistics and Cartography Andalucia Institute (IECA). However, figures also show that Malaga and Huelva are the two only provinces in Andalucia that can boast a positive migration rate. In total 27 per cent of migratory movements in the region had Malaga Province as their destination. This means that, even though 65,042 people left Malaga, a total of 75,687 arrived, which gives a rate of more than 10,000 new residents. 


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