Bull-running deaths lead to calls for ban

Photo by Paul Hartrick
BULLFIGHTING: Recent deaths have prompted new call for ban on bull running.

REGIONAL anti-bullfighting group Plataforma Antitaurina del Pais Valencia (PAP) has called for a ban on bull-running.
This came after the death of a 32-year-old man who was gored in the back and chest during Bous al carrer in Museros (Valencia).
A deep-rooted love and tolerance of bull-running in the Valencian Community’s three provinces is endangering the public, said PAPV spokesman Toni Moreno: “The four people who have died this year would still be alive if town halls and the Generalitat did not permit these events,” Moreno argued.
“These deaths cannot be considered accidents. Making the bull charge and ensuring it doesn’t get you is an essential part of the spectacle. At least 53 people in the Valencian Community have lost their lives during these popular events since 2000 and another 12,000 have been injured.”



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