Paris isn’t on Tabarca!

TABARCA: Visitor wasn’t all she seemed to be.

TABARCA, the island off Alicante City, recently received what appeared to be a celebrity visit.
There was little “Is it or isn’t it?” hesitation amongst customers seeing a slender blonde at La Taberna Engañosa. That was Paris Hilton, they agreed.
Within five minutes she was inundated with people wanting selfies, autographs or simply the opportunity of seeing a celebrity up close and talking to her.
The blonde smiled charmingly but avoided confirming or denying her identity. So too did the friends from Crevillente who were with her on Tabarca. “We can’t say whether she is or not,” one of them said when asked.
She behaved in true Paris fashion by fleeing when she spotted a professional photographer from a provincial Spanish newspaper who just happened to be on the island on a weekday.
The same paper later revealed that the Paris Hilton lookalike is a Russian named Alex who studied law and whose Facebook page gives her status as “Femme fatale.”


  1. If you look like Paris Hilton, Alexandra, you’re a VERY lucky girl!!!!!!!! I always thought I looked a BIT like her, but it would be pompous of me to claim I was as attractive as she is. Although clearly, YOU are as attractive as she is! Wish I’d been on Tabarca that day to take a ‘selfie’ with you, it might have been like looking in a mirror!
    (Anyway, it made people’s day, so who cares. My dad was mistaken for a footballer called Ronnie Whelan when we were on holiday once, and not only signed dozens of autographs, but started giving these kids football pass demonstrations and advice, which they were hanging onto in awe. I hope none of them ever found out the truth, because they were delighted).
    (Oh, and my dad has never played football in his life!!!!!!!!)


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