Michael Douglas’s ex uses Mallorca mansion

David Shankbone/Wikipedia

THE former wife of actor Michael Douglas, Diandra Luker, is reportedly spending time at the mansion the couple owned in Deya.
The 19th century mansion, S’Estaca, with 11 rooms, terraces, swimming pool, private beach and mooring area, and accommodation for staff and gusts, was built on a 100-hectare plot by Archduke Luis Salvador.
It was put up for sale for €50 million in 2013 but has not been bought, and the former couple maintains the agreement they made in 2000 when they divorced, by which he would use it from February to July and she would use it for the remaining six months of the year.
She is currently there with her children, her partner Paolo Oliveira, and some guests.
Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones and their two children spent a discreet 15 days at the mansion between June and July, leaving when his mother, Diana, died in Los Angeles aged 92.

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