Man dies of heatstroke in Torrevieja

HEATSTROKE: 61-year-old was rushed to Torrevieja Hospital and later died.

A FIFTH person has died as result of the intense heat sweeping across the province.

Torrevieja Hospital has notified the Ministry of Health of the death of a 61-year-old male from heatstroke. This is the fifth death confirmed as a result of the high temperatures, after the death of a woman of 83 years in San Juan de Alicante on July 9, the death of a man, aged 84 in Mislata on July 18, a male aged 47 in Torrevieja on July 28 and a 46-year-old in Valencia on July 29.

It is understood the man fell unconscious in a supermarket and when the SAMU emergency ambulance crews arrived he was already in a coma and with a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius. He was admitted to the intensive care unit of Torrevieja Hospital and died the following morning.

The 2015 Heat Wave Programme was launched on June 18 and as of Thursday August 13, the health departments of Valencia had treated 20 people for heatstroke. In the province of Alicante there have been 13 cases needing medical care.

The Health Department warns that those suffering from chronic diseases, the elderly, young children and pregnant women are most at risk from the intense heat and reminds people to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and drink lots of water and fluids, avoiding alcohol and caffeine. 

They recommend against going out in the middle of the day where possible and limit extreme sports activities.


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