Italian believed to have taken own life in burning van

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GUARDIA CIVIL investigating the death of a 42-year-old Italian man in Felanitx believe he stabbed himself when his van caught fire.
The victim, named as Massimiliano PR, was well known in Mallorca as a hippy who lived in his van and travelled all over the island, teaching alternative health remedies and organising reunions at which ayahuasca, a powerful hallucinogenic brew, was consumed. Guardia Civil believe he may have taken some before the events occurred. Samples taken during the autopsy may confirm this.
At first it appeared he had been killed and his van set on fire to destroy evidence, as he had a kitchen knife in his chest. However, evidence collected at the scene and autopsy results lead the officers to believe he killed himself when he was trapped in the burning van. He had no defensive wounds and the trajectory of the knife suggests he stabbed himself.
Images from the security camera of a company opposite the spot where the van was found show he was alone when he got in the van which caught fire shortly afterwards apparently due to an electrical fault. It is thought he attempted to put it out unsuccessfully and preferred to kill himself than burn to death.
The investigation remains open until the suicide is confirmed.


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