Calpe market to move back where it belongs

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A SURVEY showed that Calpe residents and business-owners want the Saturday open-air market to return to the Old Town.
A survey by town hall’s Commerce department found that few were happy with its present location.
“The study confirmed that the Saturday market is a tourist and commercial attraction,” said Commerce councillor Jan Van Parijs. “It has a beneficial effect on nearby shops and bars and will be returning to its traditional site.”


  1. The supposed survey about the re-location yet again of the Calpe Saturday market asked only residents and businesses who do not use the market – the non food market is for tourists and they have not been surveyed. Complaints about the move have largely come from the few cafes in the old town who miss the Saturday business.
    The location in the Old Town is on a narrow hill without ambulance or fire engine access and far away from the tourist areas and without any parking. The market reduces in size when it is in the Old Town as few can find it or access it. The sensible new location was on a wide flat street in the tourist area and with loads of parking.
    This is another instance of a few locals ruling the twin for their own benefit.


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