Andalucia region issues safety tips as emergencies increase

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Emergency services: offered a series of tips to avoid accidents.

OVER the first half of 2015 the emergency services in Malaga Province have dealt with 41,100 incidents, 4.26 per cent more than between January and June 2014.
Andalucia 112 Emergencies reported that health problems and emergencies were the most common reason for calls (20,880) followed by citizen safety related issues (7,520), traffic incidents and accidents (5,887) and fires (1,622).
June was the busiest month, registering 7,287 emergencies, and the 8pm to 11pm period was found to be when the majority of accidents and emergencies occurred.
During a press conference to announce the figures, Junta de Andalucia regional government delegate for Malaga Jose Luis Ruiz Espejo offered a series of tips people should keep in mind this summer to avoid accidents and emergencies.
Regarding fires, he stressed that everyone needed to do their part to fight the problem and care must be taken to respect fire bans, put out cigarettes and matches and remove all rubbish from woods and green areas.
Swimming is another dangerous activity, as proved by multiple drowning cases every summer season, and the delegate reminded people to take care in pools, beaches and lakes, not get into the water in areas where swimming was not permitted, pay attention to lifeguards’ instructions and avoid swimming after heavy meals, drinking sessions or when feeling unwell.
Finally he reminded everyone that special attention must be paid to children, the elderly and people who are ill during the summer to ensure they are well and drinking enough liquids.


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