Almeria robbery suspect arrested after man threatened with electrocution

Flickr, danielvalle5

A MAN has been arrested suspected of breaking into a home, threatening to electrocute the resident and escaping with €1,900 in cash.
The Guardia Civil reported that 45-year-old JFJ, from Almeria City, was arrested for alleged burglary, threats, illegal detention and illegal weapon possession.
The victim reported that the man broke into his home, hit him over the head with a gun, tied him up, dumped him in a bath full of water and threatened to drop a switched-on hairdryer in, then ran away with the money.
While officers began to search the area, an off-duty rural patrol from Valencia were approached by two women who reported that an hour after the initial crime a man had threatened them with a gun but later run off when he spotted more people in the area.
The women told officers which direction he had gone in and the suspect was found shortly afterwards carrying €1,900 in €50 notes and a gun.



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