UPDATE: Main suspect in Cuenca double murder found in Romania


THE Romanian Police force’s Criminal Investigation team arrested the main suspect of the murder of two women in Cuenca on Thursday (August 13). 

Sergio Morate Garces is wanted in connection with the death of his ex-partner Marina Okarynska, 24, and a friend of hers, Laura del Hoyo, aged 26. They went missing on August 5, and their bodies were found on Wednesday (August 13) near the river Huecar in Cuenca.

Mr Morate, who had not been seen since the young women’s disappearance, was tracked down in the Romanian town of Lugoj in the Timisoara Province, according to the Ministry of internal affairs, which assured the suspect would be taken to Spain as soon as possible. 


According to the same sources, the man is believed to have fled the country through the border in Portbou, and then headed to Romania where he is suspected to have acquaintances. 

The detainee put up no resistance during the arrest, which happened when he was exiting a property with two other people, who have also been arrested. 

The women went missing after they went to the man’s property to collect Ms Okarynska’s belongings. 

Investigators claimed they had much evidence to suggest that the man had planned the murder beforehand. 


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