Low Festival ‘trampled on Foietes turf’


BENIDORM’s Ciudadanos (Cs) party complained that the Low Festival ruined the Foietes football pitch. 

It is now unusable, said Cs’ councillor Eugenio Garcia, who urged the town hall to urgently assess the damage done by the thousands attending the event.

This should be met by the organisers, insisted Garcia. The pitch at the Guillermo Amor stadium was in perfect condition beforehand but nine days after the festival, several multisport tracks were unusable, he said.


His political party had backed the Low Festival, Garcia stressed, with the proviso that the event involved no extra cost for Benidorm.

The Big Events councillor Jose Ramon Gonzalez de Zarate explained later that according to the agreement signed between the previous council and the organisers, repairing the pitch would be the responsibility of the town hall.

Despite this, he was negotiating with organisers who would in any case be paying more than the sum stipulated in the contract.  

The athletics track was not in good condition before the Low Festival, Gonzalez de Zarate maintained. Neither was there much point in replacing the turf at the football pitch when Alejandro Sanz and Maná would soon both be holding concerts there.



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