So far not so good, say Orihuela Costa campaigners

ORIHUELA COSTA: Complaints of abandonment and chaos at the town hall.

“SO far not so good,” is how CLARO describes the performance of the new government in Orihuela Costa.

CLARO claims the streets were filled for several weeks with rotting and stinking uncollected garden waste and where there is waste other waste is always added, leaving the streets a mess and Orihuela Costa with a dreadful image in the eyes of the thousands of holidaymakers.    

CLARO president Bob Houliston said promises that the Orihuela Costa would be treated equally as Orihuela city had not transpired: “In the last week we have seen that this was an empty promise. The councillor for Infrastructure has announced plans for urban improvements for up to €800,000 in the city and surrounding villages but nothing of any significance for Orihuela Costa, which might benefit from clearing the dry river beds before autumn rains could produce flooding.”

“The mayor said on one of his first visits to the coast that administrative services would be modernised and it would no longer be necessary to travel the 30 kilometres from the coast to the city for certain administrative purposes. Instead, we have had a collapse in the administrative services of Playa Flamenca with personnel on holiday and long queues for those who spend the summer here trying to sort out problems and pay local taxes.”

It comes as the Federation of Associations of Orihuela Costa (FOAC) has handed a report to Councillor Sofia Alvarez listing 45 proposals to improve the area.

As councillor for Beaches, International Residents, Transport and Tourist Offices she is largely the first point of call for the residents on the Orihuela Costa and is primarily based on the coast.  

She has previously told The Euro Weekly News that she was holding meetings with local associations and neighbourhood groups to assess their needs.


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