Baggage handlers’ strike could cause chaos at Costa del Sol airport


IBERIA baggage handlers at Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport have been called out on strike on August 21 and 28 by the UGT trade union.

Airlines which could be affected by the announced strikes include Iberia, Vueling, Tui Group, British Airways and Turkish Airlines.

The union explained that it felt forced to call the strike in protest as more than 10 per cent of staff were off sick and regardless of the hectic rhythm of work at the busy airport, nobody had been taken on to cover leaves.


“There could be a serious accident at the airport at any time, staff that load and unload luggage are unable to rest enough and they are dealing with planes full of passengers and fuel. If a driver passed out from heat or tiredness and lost control of his vehicle and a collision occurred the results could be devastating. 

“The temperature on the runways is reaching approximately 58 degrees Celsius, which makes the situation even worse,” the union declared.

The workers claim bad planning on the management’s part is to blame and say they are paying with their health.


  1. Sack them all and give their jobs to the many unemployed in the region that need the work. 10% off work… sounds like they are behaving like civil servants.


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