Woman arrested over death of her baby in Toledo

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VILLA DE DON FADRIQUE: Site of the baby’s death.

A WOMAN has been arrested, accused of killing her three-month baby in a cemetery in Villa de Don Fadrique (Toledo).

The 36-year-old woman is reported to suffer from a mental condition, according to authorities. Mayor of the town, Jaime Santos, told Spanish press agency Europa Press that the events had taken place on Wednesday (August 12) at 8am. 

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The mother fled after allegedly slitting the baby’s throat and then took shelter at the town’s church, reportedly saying “the devil was inside her.” Upon their arrival, Guardia Civil found the woman injuring herself. After a short pursuit and reportedly a lot of resistance put up by the woman, they were able to take her into custody in an ambulance. 

Nobody witnessed the child being killed, although several people have reported seeing the mother “very nervous” beforehand. 

The woman is mother of another three-year-old girl who was inside a car during the events. She is married to a man of South American origins, who was informed of what had happened a few hours later. 

“She is a normal girl although it is possible she was suffering from a postpartum depression,” said the mayor, who has announced a day of official grieving for the baby. 

Guardia Civil officers are currently at the scene investigating the case. 


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