Velez-Malaga Local Police strengthen drug and alcohol tests


LOCAL Police in Velez-Malaga are on the look out for drink drivers all year, but are cracking down until August 16 with spot checks.  

Head of the Local Police team and mayor of the town, Antonio Moreno Ferrer, explained the said campaign launched by the national General Traffic Authorities (DGT) will run until August 16 across the whole of Spain to raise awareness of safe and responsible driving to reduce accidents. 

“Consumption of alcohol and drugs is not only a hazard for drivers but also for passengers, others drivers who are not under the influence of substances as well as pedestrians,” said the mayor. 

During the last campaign carried out in June in the whole of Spain, 1.12 per cent of the total breathalyser tests were positive, while from the total of drug tests done, a staggering 32.5 per cent found traces of illegal substances. 

According to the data provided by the DGT, the most common substances detected were cannabis and cocaine.


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