Spanish young people fear unemployment and being stuck at home


INTERNATIONAL Youth Day, created by the United Nations in 1999 and celebrated on Wednesday (August 12), finds Spanish youngsters facing a difficult scene, as they worry about job prospects .
The Spanish Youth Council (CJE) has released a study which found that the main concerns of Spanish youth were, firstly, unemployment, and secondly, that even those who did have a job would find it difficult or even impossible to live independently and plan their future life.
“We do not have a job, or when we do have one, we cannot buy a home,” said head of the CJE, Hector Sanz.
The most recent data released by the Sociological Investigations Centre (CIS), published on Wednesday for International Youth Day, shows that for the population aged between 18 and 34 years old, the situation is “bad” (43.75 per cent) or “very bad” (26.5 per cent).
There are 34.5 per cent who are hopeful that things will get better in next year, but 43 per cent expect the situation to remain the same.
On average, Spanish youths move out from their parents’ home at 28 years of age, and 200,000 of them have left the country since the financial crisis started.
“These youths are well trained, they have degrees but fail to find a job in Spain and end up in Germany or other countries where their income contributes to that country’s revenue instead of Spain’s,” said Mr Saenz.
A report released by Eurostat in June, ranks Spain as the country with a highest level of youth unemployment in the European Union (49.6 per cent or 775,000 people).
This year’s celebration of the International Youth Day has the theme ‘Youths’ Civic Engagement,’ as the UN claims it is “essential to have youths participate in the sustainable development of humanity,” volunteering with charity associations and other social organisations.



  1. Government needs to make employing people cheaper and less burocratic, the Spanish need to waken up to the fact the employment regulations need to change drastically, 1 days wage for 1 days work, reasonable social contributions and make it easier to hire and fire… don’t want those changes? no problem, most of the Spanish will remain out of the system and out of work!


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