Montgo festival fails to rock following move to Denia


AFTER changing the venue from Javea to Denia the Montgo Rock festival was cancelled on the day it was supposed to take place.

The popular music festival, which was in its third year, changed the venue a week ago from Javea to Denia, owing to the demand for tickets.  The new venue was supposed to be licensed for 5,000 people and would have delivered a substantial financial return for the promoters. 

However, the Denia Chief of Police refused to grant the permit allowing the concert to take place as the Moors and Christians was held on the same weekend and would have stretched the authorities’ manpower. 

The stage had already been erected and the sound system was being tested but it was quickly dismantled once the cancellation was announced.  Anyone who has purchased tickets can claim a refund from the point of sale.


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