Costa Tropical sites given protected status

© Flickr by Laura Gaceo.
PUNTA DE LA MONA: One of the protected sites.

SEVERAL natural spaces in the Costa Tropical have been declared as Special Conservation Zones (ZEC), which will give extra protection to their plant and animal life. 

The cliffs and seabed of Tesorillo-Salobreña, a total of 1,045 hectares, Calahonda-Castell de Ferro (972 hectares) and Punta de la Mona (Almuñecar), at 125 hectares, have been chosen, together with Calahonda (Malaga) and other areas in Almeria and Cadiz.

In total, 140 sites have been listed as protected in Andalucia, with the aim of maintaining and recuperating habitats and species of flora and fauna. 


After the Canary Islands, Andalucia has the largest number of protected coastal areas: one in three kilometres of Andalucia’s coasts are included within this category. 


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