34 arrested in nationwide drugs operation


THIRTY-FOUR people were arrested by Guardia Civil throughout Spain for their alleged involvement with a drug trafficking network based in Colombia. 

The operation, codenamed ‘Remake,’ was launched in 2014 in Cantabria, when Guardia Civil learned that a bar in Santander was being used by the owner to sell drugs.

They discovered he belonged to a network led from Colombia and with its Spanish headquarters in Madrid. Surveillance was set up to control the movements of a group of people who were supplying drugs to others to sell and those who were in charge of distributing the drugs throughout Spain. 


The members of the network had ample knowledge of police protocol and used modern technology to detect surveillance. They used the bar to distribute the drugs to sellers and consumers and to launder money from the sales. The money was sent in small quantities to Colombia and amounted to at least €120,000.

Thirty-four people were arrested throughout Spain, including Palma de Mallorca and Madrid, and 17 properties were searched. One of them was allegedly being used as a drugs laboratory and had utensils for cutting and adulterating drugs to increase the quantity which was eventually sold. 

Guardia Civil seized a kilo of cocaine, 13 kilos of dried marihuana, 25 plants, crystal and speed, €17,190 in cash, a shotgun, five vehicles and a taser. 


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