Ronda fire chief accused of filling pool with Brigade’s water


RONDA fire chief Juan Pimentel is under investigation by the provincial fire brigade (CPB) after putting water from a tanker lorry belonging to the brigade into his private swimming pool.

CPB leader Manuel Marmolejo reported that the provincial brigade had been informed of the incident via an anonymous letter, and that if Pimentel, who has been in the post for almost two years, was found to have acted incorrectly the management would be asked to remove him.

Meanwhile Pimentel explained that he had acted in good faith and was just trying to stop water going to waste: “The firemen told me there was a leak in the tank and the mechanic said it had to be emptied. I couldn’t bear to throw the water away so put it in my pool.”

Investigations will try to determine whether the lorry, with capacity for approximately 8,000 litres, made more than one trip to the pool (which contains 50,000 litres.)


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