Video of dog thrown over fence at rescue centre goes viral


THERE’S been outrage across social media in Spain and an animal charity has filed a complaint with the police after a video emerged of two men throwing a dog over a fence into the rescue centre’s premises. 

Os Palleiros, a Galician animal protection charity, released their security camera footage of the men abandoning a dog by lifting it up and throwing it over the high fence. 

A volunteer with the charity, Elisabeth Suárez, said this was not the first time this type of thing had happened, with two further incidents in the recent past. 

“They have always left us dogs tied up, which is also cruel, but this is awful,” she said. “Throwing dogs over the fence is becoming all the rage this summer.”

The Os Palleiros is at capacity at the moment, with 170 dogs in its care, and hence the group had only been accepting animals that were particularly vulnerable, such as puppies or bitches about to give birth.

“We can’t cope,” said Suarez, who explained the group’s newly installed security cameras were not only supposed to deter such abandonments, but were also put up in the wake of volunteers receiving death threats when they were unable to accept animals.

The video has been shared hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook, and Suarez said that particular dog had many potential adopters interested in taking him home.



  1. I do hope you have the car registration and the Police catch these morons and not just fine them HEAVILY but not allow them to ever having an animal again !!!!!! well done on your work, !!!!!! I know how hard it is I have 4 dogs 3 of which are rescued and love them all :::: I would have more but no more room and am a 69 yr old pensioner with heart problems, WHY OH WHY will these idiots NOT have their animals spayed /nutered or just not get them if they know there will be problems……I do hope the dog as all dogs gets a lovely new loving home. xxx
    …….I depair I really do

  2. words fail me – i do hope they get caught and are banned from having animals again.
    They need a taste of what they have done – the dog could have broken a leg with the height of the fence the b******s


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