Man dies after stepping in front of train in Petra

© Steffen Löwe, Wikimedia Commons.
Petra, Mallorca.

A MAN, 42, died after being hit by a train in Petra. The incident occurred at around 6.30am not far from Manacor station. 

The train service had to be stopped following the incident and Mallorca Railway Services provided buses in both directions between Manacor and Inca. 

An emergency train was sent to collect the 60 people who were travelling on the Manacor-Palma train when the events took place. They were uninjured and were assisted by firefighters to get from one train to another.

The victim reportedly walked onto the train tracks and was hit by a train travelling at approximately 100kph. He was dragged 150 metres by the train and died instantly. Paramedics attended the scene but were unable to assist the victim who is believed to have committed suicide. 

The train driver reports that he saw the man coming out of the bushes and onto the tracks but was unable to stop in time to avoid him.

Guardia Civil have opened an investigation into the death of the man, who was a resident of Palma. Evidence was collected for several hours and the body was moved at around midday and taken to the Institute of Legal Medicine for an autopsy.


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