Lights out once more in Almuñecar


ONCE more, a blackout flooded the streets of Almuñecar and La Herradura with darkness hitting just in time for its ‘Shopping night’ event as well as the beginning of the patron saint celebrations.

A spokesperson of the local PSOE socialist party team, Sergio Garcia Alabarace, announced that the group would be calling a management meeting with the board of directors of the company in charge, ENDESA. The company last week assured the mayor of the town, Trinidad Herrera, that they had carried out a complete revision of all the networks, which seemed to be working correctly. 

“We must seek answers because we believe it is necessary to get to the bottom of the issue and know what kinds of solutions have been put in place since the first blackout took place two years ago,” said Mr Garcia. 

The first major blackout took place on August 15, 2013, followed by another one during the Easter week in 2014, and the one occurred on Saturday (August 8) at 10.30pm, which lasted more than an hour. 

The spokesperson said that this situation was especially concerning due to the upcoming Almuñecar fair, where the highest peaks in commerce and tourism are registered in the town.

“What’s going to happen when we turn on the fair’s lighting, the businesses and attractions as well as air conditioning across the town? What will we do if there is another blackout?” he asked. 

The PSOE team is convinced this problem is due to faulty infrastructure and insisted its campaign is not attempting to look for those responsible for the problem amongst members of the government, but to solve a problem that is greatly affecting the lives of tourists, business owners and residents. 


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