Junta de Andalucia announces employment measures for Malaga

© Junta Informa.
Susana Díaz, the regional president of Andalucía.

A NEW Andalucian programme of urgent measures for social inclusion and employment has put by €6.7 million for Malaga, which will be shared between 102 of the 103 towns and villages in the province.

Altogether the Junta de Andalucia regional government’s latest official bulletin reported that a total of €40 million would be shared between 770 councils in the region, creating an estimated 25,000 short-term jobs.

Families with no members in work, large families with children, single parent families, those with disabled members or victims of gender violence with children would be given priority, the Junta announced. Contracts will last between 15 days and three months.


  1. I wonder if the Junta will give more to PSOE town halls than PP town halls as they do with other money destined to improve things and how this money will actually be spent… If it is short term jobs then it will be destined for improvements. Hopefully the money is spent well economically and doesn’t get lost in certain peoples pockets!


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