Job creation surges in Valencia

© Flickr by Paul Rysz.
JOBS: over 30,000 created in the Valencia Region.

OVER 30,000 jobs have been created in the Valencia Region in the last three months. That’s according to figures from the latest Active Population Survey (EPA) which relates to the second quarter of the year.

Between April 1 and June 30, the jobless total fell by 30,400 (5.16 per cent) to 558,000. However, with a decrease in the active population of people of working age, the overall unemployment rate is still slightly higher than the national average of 22.37 per cent and now stands at 23.02 per cent.

The EPA is a phone-based survey conducted by the National Central Statistics Institute and seeks to identify how many people are technically of an age to work and whether they are in employment, seeking work or receiving benefits or training.

The EPA figures differ from the INEM figures which are published from the Ministry of Employment as they quote numbers of those registered with the employment offices as being unemployed and seeking work.


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