Family drive 150km after leaving toddler in French lay-by

© Kokoo, Wikimedia Commons.

A FORGETFUL French family heading for the Riviera on holiday left their three-year-old daughter in a motorway lay-by, driving 150 kilometres before they realised she was missing. 

The parents didn’t clock they were one child down in the back of their car until an appeal was issued on the radio.

The little girl was found by other holidaymakers at a rest stop on the A7, known as the ‘Motorway of the Sun,’ which was crowded with families heading south for August.

Police reported to the AFP press agency that when they were called to the scene, the child was only able to explain that she had a brother and a sister, was supposed to be “going to the seaside,” and that she’d seen “daddy’s car pull away.”

A call was put out over the radio 45 minutes after the girl was found, and only then, having passed Aix-en-Provence more than 150 kilometres down the road from where they’d left her, were her family able to turn around to go back for her.

Police said the parents were being questioned before any decision would be made on further action.


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