Expensive ride for Marbella tourists


TWO French tourists have been given a €1,000 fine in Marbella for using electric scooters on the street.

The young visitors, aged 20 and 21, had rented Raycool 1,000W electric scooters for an hour but were stopped by a Local Police patrol on Avenida Ramon y Cajal shortly before they returned the scooters.

Police sources reported they were travelling fast, swerving between vehicles and overtaking.


Yet the official reason given on the fines, which were reduced to €250 each for prompt payment, was that they were lacking correct authorisations even though this type of vehicle does not require registration.


  1. I am not condemning that these people where fined but this is yet another gray area in Spain where there is no clear information is given as to the use of these scooters.
    Bikes are the same, they come at you from everywhere, they are on the roads, cycle lanes, pavements, they even come out at you from zebra crossings yet they appear to have full access to everywhere. I remember when I was a kid in the UK there where adverts on TV (40 years ago) about the importance of wearing something that is light in colour or reflective yet here 40 years later in Spain there seems to be no interest in guiding people to the proper use of bikes, segeways, invalid scooters etc. it just seems to be left in the hands of the local police who appear to make laws up when it suits them.


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