Bradford 14-year-old given 11 years for racist attack on teacher

VINCENT UZOMAH: Pictured on the BBC speaking outside court.

A 14-YEAR-OLD boy who stabbed his black teacher in a racially motivated attack has been given an 11-year sentence, with six years in custody and five years on licence. 

The pupil at Dixons Kings academy in Bradford used a racially offensive insult against supply teacher Vincent Uzomah and then stabbed him in the stomach.

The court heard that the boy, who can’t be named, had frequently used racist language in regards to Mr Uzomah.

He had taken a knife to school, discussing plans with other students to stab a teacher. Following an argument with Mr Uzomah over a mobile phone, the boy sat at his desk muttering racist insults, then approached the teacher and stabbed him. The boy then fled the school, while the prosecution said Mr Uzomah believed he was going to die.

The boy later posted on Facebook, boasting about the attack.

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  1. It is now being published on Sky and elsewhere that the boy is Asian, and was on bail for another serious offence at the time. He was also accompanied in court by his Aunt, not a parent.

  2. This sort of behaviour is the result of banning all discipline for children. When proper discipline was used we never had this kind of behaviour with children, or adults.
    Some call it progress, but in fact all it has done is put us back in the stone age where everyone feels they can do as they please.
    The lack of proper discipline will only make things worse as time goes by and young thugs like this become adults. When that time comes heaven help us all.


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