Overly friendly lorry driver fined under ‘gag law’


THE latest case of police officers making use of the so-called Gag Law which came into effect recently has seen a Malaga lorry driver fined €300 for calling an officer “mate.”

The driver, who was stopped in Rute, Cordoba, by officers carrying out alcohol tests, was issued with a fine for a “lack of respect towards a member of the State Security Forces, treating officers contemptuously and using the word ‘mate’ in front of passers-by,” according to the police report.


  1. Well unfortunately the Local Police appear to be a judge and jury in Spain and that is another reason the country makes itself appear third world, they have a local police force that verge on the level of thugs in uniforms who do not appear to have a ‘proper’ police training. I know of an instance in Mijas where a young Police office floored a ‘respectable’ 60 year old Spanish man for touching his uniform when he went past him… pathetic and unaceptable. Local police closing and fining bars because a ‘friend’ of the officers or the chiefs has an issue with that bar! The lack of professional ability and attitude shown by the local police really does pull Spain into the third world and makes you wonder what level of character and democracy a country needs to be in the EU. From what I hear and read in the Spanish papers the local police reach a level of being a thug force, many police chiefs appear to be nothing more than gansters with many having court cases against them, even the future police chief for Marbella is being considered for a post in Marbella while he has acusations against him in Velez Malaga… and this is a EU member country, maybe they will ask Mexico if they want to become a part of the EU next.

  2. Just to add… I do realise that the person fined in this was probably stopped by the Guardia Civil and not Local Police as my comment mentions the local police but the same problem exists here where they seem to think they are some superior people once they have a uniform on their backs, this wasn’t the case so much with the Guardia Civil until recent years, it appears to be the younger officers that have this attitude problem. It’s a shame really considering these officers just pull what was a good police force down, this is not what policing should be about.


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