20 months without Malen Zoe


AROUND 30 people gathered in Plaza España in Palma to mark 20 months since the disappearance of teenager Malen Zoe Ortiz Rodriguez in Calvia.

Her mother led a noisy protest demanding that the authorities continue their search for Malen. 

Malen Zoe, who was 15 when she disappeared in December 2013, was reportedly heading to her boyfriend’s home in Son Ferrer, but never arrived at her destination. She was wearing pink shoes, a checked shirt, blue denim jacket, torn trousers and carrying a bright green skateboard. She is thin, about 1.60m tall, with long, straight brown hair.

According to her father she caught a bus and got off outside a Magaluf theme park. She called her boyfriend and asked him if she could go to his house, because she had forgotten her own house keys. She then called her father to let him know, but was unable to locate him and left a message with his secretary.

Nothing has been heard of her since and her phone was turned off just 10 minutes later. Her boyfriend claims he never saw her that day.

Malen lived with her father and brother in Cala Vinyes and studied at the High School on Galatzo Urbanization. It has been revealed that her relationship with her father was complicated and that he may have been abusive towards her. 

She also reportedly refused to talk to her mother because she allegedly put Malen and her brother out on the streets with nowhere to go following an argument. Her new partner had reportedly threatened to kill Malen’s father. 

Her father, who offered a €80,000 reward for clues leading to her, was arrested in July last year for allegedly abusing a woman. He was later released with charges.


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