Palma bullring inspected for deficiencies


AROUND 10 technicians from different municipal departments of Palma City Hall inspected the bullring to check for deficiencies. 

Architects, vets, medics, firefighters and other experts visited the bullring for around 90 minutes to determine whether there were reasons to ban bullfights or concerts from being held. 

This comes a week after the city was declared anti-bullfighting, although the city’s most important bullfight of the year is due to be held on Thursday (August 6) with three of the current top bullfighters in Spain. 

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This is because the bullring has a regional licence and the ban must first be accepted by the Balearic Government and current regional animal protection laws would have to be changed.

The company which manages the bullring doesn’t need to request a permit from the city hall to hold a bullfight, although it does for any other type of event.

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