Costa del Sol towns join forces against crime

© By Marie-Lan Nguyen, Wikimedia Commons
National Police force.

OVER recent weeks the authorities on the Costa del Sol have been joining forces to improve safety and services for local residents and visitors.

Meetings held by various council and police teams with the Costa del Sol Guardia Civil captain set the scene for neighbouring teams to take the plunge and discuss ways to work together for greater public benefit.

The first announcement came from Benalmadena, where Security councillor Javier Martin informed that the council was working to put an end to illegal roaming vendors (also known as ‘looky looky men’) and had agreed to join forces with Torremolinos for this. 

The two towns will be pooling resources and establishing coordinated actions to reduce the vendors’ presence, the councillor said. Local Police from both areas will be involved with back-up from the National Police force as in many cases the activity also involves offences against intellectual property.

Days later the National Police chief for Fuengirola, Francisco San Blas, visited Mijas Town Hall to offer the mayor the force’s collaboration.

“This is already the case for the Guardia Civil and we wish to stress our will to collaborate because Fuengirola, Las Lagunas and Mijas are one and the same,” San Blas stated.

Mijas Mayor Juan Carlos Maldonado later stressed that the collaboration was of vital importance to ensure the safety of locals, expatriates and tourists.

“Everyone can rest assured we are prepared to respond to all problems,” the mayor ended.



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